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If you desire to learn Foxpro or if you desire to improve your knowledge, we have specialists in Microsoft Visual Foxpro that can help you in your apprenticeship.

You can select the subjects or the areas that interest you the most for developing your employee's skills.

Also, Ask our specialists to analyze and explain how your application works and train your own people!

For Intermediate Programmers, we recommend one (1) learning session per week - duration 3 or 4 hours - for three (3) consecutive weeks.

 Ideal group consists of 3 or 4 participants. The training is for:
one person: 55 $
second person: add $10 third: add $10
Rate is per hour, travel time, taxes are not included

For more information or to get the details of the courses, do not hesitate to communicate with us - It's a free call!

It will be a pleasure to guide you personalizing your Training Programs.



Analysis / Programming

I want to optimize my software:

My software does not correspond anymore to my needs or it simply needs a few changes and I do not want to hire a costly Project Manager.

We can help. Our extensive application developments and maintenance experience give us the ability to quickly identify problems. This knowledge also helps us to make corrections or enhancements in a timely manner and without breaking your current application.

I desire a complete analysis of  my software:

I would like to have the opinion of an expert on my software. My software seems slow and I would like to know why?
I would like to know if my software was programmed for an optimum yield?

 I want to update my Foxpro system!

You have an application that was built with an old version of FoxPro? Or which is not adapted to the new technological realities (Internet, Networks, Robotics, etc.)? Or that do not correspond anymore to your needs?


Our team will update your application and all its  functionalities  into the last version of Microsoft Visual Foxpro. No need to rebuild your system, we migrate all screens, reports, etc. 

Even if you are using FoxPro DOS!


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I want to integrate SQL SERVER with my Foxpro application:

We are qualified to integrate SQL SERVER with Visual Foxpro. We provide back-end conversion. We will develop your FoxPro application to be using as a front-end application.
Visual FoxPro is developed as a robust and powerful front-end for client-server applications. Remote views and SQL pass-through provide powerful tools to take advantage of SQL back-ends such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity).









Web site creation


Our solutions:

   Domain Registration
 Web Site builder and designer
  Web Hosting/Servers
 Intranet Starter
 Email Account
E-Commerce Solutions
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We also offer support and technical services for your customers. Under the cover of your business, our Foxpro Team can assure a complete technical support 24 hours  7 days a week.

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